Thursday, June 14, 2012

Promo Fares just got better

Many of us are into purchasing promo fares of different airlines. I once bought a promo fare going to Davao and it is really cheap, for someone like me who wants to travel but has a tight budget promo fares are answered prayer. But sometimes promo fares are not so hassle free, since this is a promo fare there are some terms and conditions like non-refundable and can't  be re-booked.

But earlier I just heard in the news that Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) just announced that  starting tomorrow promo fares can now be refundable and re-bookable if there's a flight delay caused by the airlines. This is a great move and I'm sure travelers will be happy of this news, many of the airline companies doesn't agree on this policy because they insist that since this is a promo fare there should be a claws upon purchasing it, but CAB would like to protect the passengers on the flight delays that are happening  left and right. Airlines are also obliged to give food, medicine, line of communication and even accommodation (if more than one day delay) to the affected passengers if their flight was delayed.

This is a good news for travelers like what are we waiting for? Book now and enjoy traveling!!!


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