Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Traveling is more fun in the Philippines

Traveling is really one of my passion, that's why I decided to create a travel blog. Though I don't have the luxury of time and money to travel often I would like to do it one at a time. I was able to visit 3 countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, although 2 of those trips are business trip and only one was a vacation :-) But my objective as a traveler is to travel Philippines, I am pretty sure that Philippines have so many beautiful places to offer.

Because of my current job I was able to travel to some parts of the Philippines, but then again it was work related. I want to travel Philippines and just have some fun and relaxing vacation...hahahah I know I can do that in time. There's only one out of town I had that is pure vacation, that was last year when me and my college friend together with my fiance went to Davao and had a great time and adventure.

We also went to the Crocodile Park where you can see Pangil, the largest crocodile in the park. This is the main attraction of the park. Other fun shows includes Birds show, crocodile dancing, rope walking etc...Aside to that we also watched the fire dance show and a variety show which showcases the different tribes of Mindanao.

It was a great 3days vacation that we will definitely do again, but on a different destination, maybe on Cebu or Palawan or Bohol :-) There are still lot of places and destination that I would like to visit for a vacation, included on my list are:
  • Palawan
  • Bohol
  • Camsur
  • Ilocos
  • Iloilo (visited already but business trip)
 I told myself that I will do my best to travel the Philippines one day, there are so many beautiful beaches and historical places you can see around. Thanks to my job I used to experience and travel to some places here in the Philippines. I was able to taste their local foods, know their culture and visit some historical places and great attractions.

Cebu Skywalk Adventure
I'm looking forward to visiting every beautiful city and province in the Philippines, it is indeed a treasure that I really need to find out.

Thinking of my next destination, where should I go????

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