Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buddy's Restaurant: Taste of Quezon Province

Pahiyas Festival, Pansit Lucban, Chami special, Lucban Longganisa etc...those are the famous festival / specialties in Quezon Province. I haven't been there yet not because I don't want to visit but because I just don't have the chance. I'd love to try their special dishes, good thing a colleague of mine brought us to a restaurant near our office where I can taste those delightful dishes that is not so costly.
Buddy's Restaurant is what I am talking about. When you enter their place you can already see the "pahiyas" hanging on the ceiling and the wall murals are paintings about the Pahiyas festival and scenic views in Quezon.The restaurant offers you all the specialties from the province of Quezon.

We had our lunch there are we ordered the foods we are craving for, Chami Special and Pansit Lucban and additional Lumpiang ubod and Crispy Pata. That was really a heavy lunch I only had 1/2 rice but still I'm so full. We ordered foods for sharing since we all want to taste the special dishes of quezon.

Pancit Lukban P165.00 good for 2-3persons
Pancit Lucban is not your ordinary pansit canton. This kind have a distinct taste that will surely satisfied your cravings. The toppings of this order includes some squid, vegetables and pork. It is not a dry dish, it is saucy.
Lumpiang Ubod P75 good for 2 persons
Lumpiang Ubod, if you will notice the peanuts they put on top is not just the usual peanut, it is a chewy peanut brittle on top that really add flavor to their lumpia. And the Ubod inside is really juicy and fresh. The wrapper is also not an ordinary lumpia wrapper, it was like a crepe rolled over.
Chami Special P170
Chami Special, it is a thick noodles just like Lomi. You can have it spicy or not. What makes it special are all the toppings of it, vegetables, quail eggs, pork etc. 
Crispy Pata Small P335
Crispy Pata, nothing special about this dish, we just like to order this one :-) it's the same crispy pata we can order anywhere.
Since we liked the ambience and the food, we again went back there for another lunch. This time I tried their Longsilog Lucban. I love longganisa and it's nice to taste different kinds of longganisa from all over the Philippines.
Lonsilog Lucban P105
Longsilog Lucban, this is one of the best Longganisa I've ever tasted! The taste of garlic on it is just perfect because I also like spicy foods, but not to spicy :-)

They also have Sizzlers and Steaks / BBQ & Grills / Sandwiches / Salad & Dessert / Buddy Pizza and other Filipino favorites.

Verdict: This is a must try restaurant here in Makati. We will definitely eat there again and will try other specialties.
Buddy's Restaurant Delivery Hotlines:
Kakarong Makati    895-7185 / 895-7980 / 899-1170
Kalayaan, Makati    899-5991 to 93
Market Market       886-7711 to 22

*This is not a paid post. All opinions sited above are purely mine :-)

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  1. pancit habhab is a favorite of mine... aand also their sisig... sayang nga lang tinangal na nila yung pinangat sa kanilang menu.


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